A Labyrinth, Gardening, and a Sermon


Look below for a little update on the ongoings of Church School this spring. Courtney F. led the children in creating a labyrinth, everyone jumped into the dirt and pulled weeds to help beautify our parish grounds, and your director of Christian education, Jared Wyma-Bradley, gave his first sermon to the parish on May 31. Look below for the audio recording!

FullSizeRender (1)

In Sunday School, we focused on working through our fears and holding on to our hopes in prayer. Children went outside in the back yard where a circular labyrinth was drawn in chalk. Written at the top was Grace’s invitation to worship: wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. The word “here” was down blow at the opening of the labyrinth. We stood around the edges and discussed what we saw: a mess of lines and pathways that left us confused and excited. We stepped into the labyrinth following the person in front of us. Sometimes were we confused, frustrated, or lost. Sometimes it was easy. Sometimes we thought we had found the right way to the center only to find a dead end. Sometimes we stepped on people’s toes! When we reached the center we talked about how life can be all of those things. How do we cope with life’s difficulties? Through prayer? Taking a walk? By supporting a friend? Drawing a picture? What are our hopes and fears? We took out the chalk and drew them around the labyrinth’s edges. We carry them with us wherever we go, wherever we are in our spiritual journey.


Pulling weeds and getting dirt under our nails for the parish!


Jared’s Sermon

Click here to listen!


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