Earth Day/Week at Grace

The Lilypad

Happy Earth Day!

We started off our celebration of Earth Week last Sunday. We started Children’s Chapel with a reading of Genesis 1:1–31, which led us to discuss our mission and responsibility to care for God’s creation. One of the first commands that humanity receives in the Genesis story is to be responsible for all of creation. We then moved to the classroom for an all-ages activity focused on sustainability at Grace Church.

We estimated that Grace Church uses around 100 paper cups every week for events like Grace Discussion Group and coffee hour after church. Over a year, that adds up to around 5,200 paper cups, most of which are not recycled but instead are thrown into the trash. We discussed this in Church School and created a solution: reusable mugs! Grace Church already has many mugs, but we thought we would add a personal touch from the younger generation. All the kids painted a mug to be used at Grace Church events in place of paper cups. Perhaps this means that the kids will have to help with dishes after church…unlikely, perhaps, but worth the trouble! Look for the mugs (like the ones pictured below and on the sidebar) during coffee hour on Sunday!

To continue our celebration of earth week, this Sunday we will be planting seeds to be started indoors!

Jared WB


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