Holy Week Summary 4.5

2015-04-05 09.08.26
The youth enjoying Easter Breakfast!

Dear Friends,

This year, the Christian Education Committee worked hard to have the children and youth fully involved in numerous Holy Week activities. On Palm Sunday, the Children made the bread that was used during the Maundy Thursday eucharist. For Maundy Thursday, Reverend Regina taught a lesson on the Passion in the form of a Godly Play story. The children were clearly riveted by the story, and then some of them excitedly participated in the foot washing portion of the service. After a couple weeks of preparation, six youth led members of the congregation through the Station of the Cross on Good Friday. It was a solemn, reflective time for all. The kids all had a busy week of activities, and hopefully next year there will be even more opportunities for them to be a part of the service! It is such a blessing to have everyone together on these special occasions.

Don’t miss this coming Sunday as one of our very own will be getting baptized!

Finally, a special thanks to all of the parents and volunteers who made all of these activities possible. This parish runs on the goodness of your hearts.



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