Sunday Summary 3.22

In Children’s Chapel we learned a “the five finger prayer,” where each finger represents a different group of people to pray for.


In Godly Play, we finished the Faces of Easter series where the children learned about Jesus’ life and death. In the Mystery of Easter story, we talked about how Jesus died and is still with us especially when we share the bread and wine.

In Firelight, we were blessed to have David Killian join our class to talk with us about the Eucharist. We set up class with blankets spread on the floor, picnic-style, and then each child took part in reading the story of Jesus’ last supper. They learned that in Jesus’ day it was typical to sit on the floor to eat a meal. David helped the children understand the real meaning of “the body and blood of Jesus.” They learned that the bread and wine are really symbols of “life.” They also learned that when we respond with “Amen” we are really saying that we agree with that! We were very grateful for the time and insight that David shared with us! We then passed around bread and grape juice to share a last supper picnic. The children were very interested in the story and asked to bring copies home with them.

The Middle School Youth began the creation of our Stations of the Cross installation. Each station becomes progressively more tattered, torn, and broken looking. Each station consists of a large sheet of brown paper, which we ripped, crumpled, and splattered with paint. It is sure to be a moving depiction of and solemn meditation on Jesus’ journey to the cross.

2015-03-22 11.36.34


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