Sunday Summary 10/19

Greetings friends,

We had a lovely day in Church School, as usual! We had a short lesson on gratitude during chapel where we all shared some things that we are grateful for in our life. Read below to hear about the rest of what happened on Sunday! Also, don’t forget this Wednesday (Oct. 22) is the Celebration of New Ministry at 7:00 PM (Childcare provided!), Saturday Oct. 25 is Church Clean-up Day from 9-1:00 PM, and Sunday Oct. 26 at 5:00 PM is the Church School All Hallows’ Eve Party!

Godly Play

The children continued to follow the journey of Moses and the Israelites in the desert. Once they celebrated being free from slavery, the Israelites journeyed through the desert and had the freedom to figure out how they wanted to live. They had a hard journey and traveled to Mount Sinai, where God shared with Moses the Ten Best Ways to live, or the Ten Commandments. Moses wrote these down and shared them with the people. We summarize these for the young children in this way: Love God; Love each other; and God loves you. All the Ten Commandments fall into one of these categories. God didn’t say these were the ten easiest ways to live, but they are a guide for how we should try to live our lives and are like stones on a path that leads us to God.

Take Away
Read: Matthew 22:34–40 (
Ask: What do you think is more difficult, loving God or loving your neighbor?
Discuss: Name 3 ways you can show love to your neighbor, and 3 ways you can show love to God.


The Firelight class continued along our Biblical timeline and moved from Samuel to King David! The children learned how Samuel chose David, a mere shepherd-boy and the youngest of Saul’s eight sons because “God doesn’t judge by the outside but by the heart.” They learned about David’s bravery and his skill as a musician. In honor of his musical talents, writing and singing the Psalms, the children made tambourines as a class activity. The children enjoyed the story and seemed to really enjoy making and decorating their tambourines. We will continue with the story of King David next week.

Take Away
Read: Psalm 139:1–12 (
Ask: Where would you hide if you were trying to hide from God? *play hide-and-go-seek*
Discuss: Why does God look for us if we hide? Do you remember a time you got lost and were glad someone found you?

Middle School

We also talked about Bible stories in class on Sunday. First we outlined what thought of as the differences between “truth” and “fact.” We decided that facts are often observable, things you can verify with evidence and are difficult to debate. Whereas truths can be mostly verifiable by facts, but sometimes transcend the category. For example, David B. told us how much he loved his grandson. His deep love for his grandson is surely a truth, and we can try to verify it with facts (e.g., he carries a picture of his grandson, gives him gifts, takes care of him, etc.). But, no fact can truly show the truth of David’s love for his grandson. In a similar way, the Bible communicates truths that transcend the category of “facts.” David offered a fantastic exegesis of the story of Jonah and the fish. God commanded Jonah to preach in Nineveh, and when Jonah refused, he found himself in the belly of the fish. As David put it, the story isn’t about whether or not Jonah could have survived in the belly of a fish, it is about racism. God does not care about tribe or ethnic group, for all people should hear of God’s love for them. This is an example of a “truth” that the Bible communicates that goes beyond “facts.”

Take Away
Read: Exodus 14 (
Ask: How would a historian describe this event? What would a scientist say? What would a theologian say about this event?
Discuss: What are the facts of this story? What truth do you think this story is trying to say?


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