Sunday Summary 10/12

Junior Choir

Last Sunday marked the beginning of Junior Choir rehearsals! Joe was very pleased to have a full turn-out of 11 students. A special thanks goes out to the parents who stuck around to help keep things in order. The next practice will be this coming Sunday, Oct. 19, at 9:30 AM. We will let you know if times change.

Children’s Chapel

Because of the upcoming River Walk event with the Social Action Committee, we did a small exercise regarding water usage. The students named numerous ways that we use water in everyday life and in our liturgy, and with each suggestion we poured water into a large bowl until we were out of water. We then prayed in gratitude for all the ways are blessed by water, and we prayed for those who do not have easy access to clean water. This was a simple exercise to get the youth thinking about the importance of water as we enter next week. Don’t forget to come to the River Walk after church next Sunday, Oct. 19! There will be lunch before, and the walk will be wheelchair- and kid-friendly.

Also, Amanda WB once again taught the group some sign language to go with the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” Thanks, Amanda!

Church School

Lisa T led our one-room church school on Sunday in a lesson on the call of Samuel. We read the story of Samuel’s call and then watched portions of the Lion King, comparing the call of Simba to the call of Samuel. We saw how both of them were anointed for a special purpose. We also talked about the different ways God talks to us. In the story of Samuel, he thought it was Eli calling his name, but it was God. In the Lion King, Samuel hears the voice of his father, Mufasa, calling him to his duty. One student said, “But I don’t hear God’s voice!” So, we talked about the other ways that God can speak to us: through important people in our lives, through the Bible, and even through nature. Our lesson was made complete with some healthy snacks as well: apples straight from a local orchard!

Take Away

Read: Matt. 17:1–8 (
Ask: Parent(s), when was a time you felt like God answered your prayer? When was a time it felt like you didn’t receive an answer?
Discuss: Who or what in our lives can help us discern God’s voice? If you could ask God any question right now, and know that you are going to get a clear answer, what would you ask?


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