Sunday Summary 9/28

Godly Play
We spent our morning in the desert on Sunday (at least our little piece of desert). The story for Sunday was the story of the Exodus. We talked about the journey of the People of God to Egypt where they were enslaved by the Pharaoh. Then, Moses asked several times for the release of his people before the Pharaoh finally said yes after the eldest son of each Egyptian family died. We covered a lot of history, including the Passover story. The People of God hastily left without letting the bread rise, and the Pharaoh and his horses caught up with them at the Red Sea. Moses heard what God wanted them to do and led the people through the water to safety. Miriam led the dancing once they were free.
We then talked about matzo bread and how its different from regular bread. The kids all tasted the matzo for feast and we talked about how you could almost taste the desert and the story in the bread. We will have Matzo bread in the class in case any of the children want it for feast in coming weeks.
Take Away:
Read: Exodus 3:1–6
Ask: How did Moses respond when God called him?
Play: Act out Moses and the Hebrews walking through the Red Sea!

We had a great, energetic class on Sunday! Lisa T. led the group in reenacting the story of God calling Samuel.

Everyone had a part to play, selected “costumes” (primarily scarves, shawls & hats), and read the story. We then talked together about listening, and considered what it would be like to have God awaken us in the night to speak to us individually. Everyone received a notecard with the quote, “Speak Lord, for I am listening.” They then wrote this phrase in their own words on the other side (& doodled, as well).

Our class of five worked well together, and really engaged around the reading.

Take Away:
Read: Isaiah 6:1–8
Ask: How did Isaiah respond when God called him?
Discuss: What would you do if you heard God calling your name?

Middle/High School

We discussed a new goal of this ministry: Looking for God in everyday matters. Each week we will ask each other, “Where have you seen God this week?” We talked about how this might be in the simplest things, like a crisp, sunny Fall morning. Or, it could be in heavier things, like in the consoling of a family member during a hard time.

After this discussion, we continued our unit on the Bible, starting the lesson, “Is the Bible true?” We talked about the difference between “truth” and “fact.” What does it take for something to be true? What makes something a fact? The example we used was regarding love; it is true that I love my wife, but can you prove it with facts? Love transcends the category of “fact.” Not all things that are “true” are justifiable completely by “fact.” We had fun writing down the differences between the two, preparing us for the upcoming lesson on the Bible.

Take Away:
Read: Psalm 119:105
Ask: What does it mean to let the Bible light your path?
Discuss: What parts of the Bible do you think are true? What parts are fact?


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