The Avengers and the Biblical Canon

Last Sunday the Middle/High School group learned about the canonization process. They were asked, “What would you rather have, the 1st century version of a biblical text, or the 21st century version?” Their answers were split on both sides. We then watched this short video, “Who wrote the Bible?”, from our new curriculum. You can watch it below.

Next, we made a story board of a movie we all know and love, The Avengers. They helped me draw and pick eight scenes that told the story of the movie. When finished, they were asked, “Which version of the movie would you rather have, the story board version from the writers, or the blu-ray version with the director’s commentary? This is the version of the movie that has been enjoyed within your circle of friends and watched a dozen times.”

Although the canonization process took hundreds of years, and still isn’t necessarily agreed upon by every branch of Christianity, we believe that God was involved in the process. Also, we must remember that texts were chosen because of their use within the Christian community; the community decided which texts they loved and needed. They wanted the version of the text that they had enjoyed with their community, the version that had already proved to be fruitful and formative in their walk with Christ.


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